The necessity of expansion of personality in developing the country

 Everyone derives for enriched Bangladesh happy and peace are expected by all. But everything is not done according to the expectations. Industry must have to be there. To make enriched the country, the discovering the personality is must everyone will be the centre for thinking in developing the nation.

There is no scope to remain silent accepting the result of fortune believe is luck is the virtue of exploited class. So luck must be built up. In this connection, mental thinking and industry both are necessary. But everything should not be done according to the wish. It needs to think and work obeying the rules and regulation remain within a structure.

Human thinking may be positive or negative except children and mad. In everywhere, there is mental conflict. Decision should do through conflicts. As a result, some ones go ahead but others go back. Creator has taught the animal to live but human the way to live. He has wanted to decorate human life in different manner. For this, variation has been come.

Every person has the personality. But they don’t use that potentiality equally. That causes the differentiation. Personality base good citizen is necessary to enrich the country. In this connection necessities are-

Sound mind for enlighten future

To establish a good society is impossible without sound minded people. A deep relation between physics and mind is present mind will be sound of the physic is sound. It needs to give an emphasis to the physical fitness to keep the mind sound. Three stage of mind are animate, non animate and science.

Everyone’s mind has some general features. Individual’s action and reaction with the society on natural environment are the result of mind’s character. Thinking, Felling and wish are the process of mind. Feelings can be dividing into two- easy and complex. And expression of mind has two sides – like 1) usual 2) Non usual. So advantages of sound mind, scowled attraction and ideal are many.

It is not possible to know the conditions of other’s mind, if you don’t have any presentation of your mind’s attitude. For this reason, self criticism is necessary, Non sound mind does not see the beauty and any cost.  They are the light of hope, whose mind is sound to establish enriched country.

Light of education is days of development

It is needed to reconstruct the education system to adopt with the skill, curiosity of learner and demand of society in order to make better fruit. Education is life long process. In this life time experience is developed. Forcedly no one can be scholar. Good education brings desire change in behavior.

As a result, approbation, merit and mentality are developed. Education will be fruitful, if it is given according to approbation, merit and mentality. It is possible to advance a country and nation by giving education according to their demand, acceptance, merit and mental preparation.

The main purpose of education is to discover the personality, and education is the key of person’s development. That’s why perfect educational arrangements are necessary. Hidden capacity is focused through education and multiply of person’s thinking is come out. Creativity is impossible without education and effort.

Success life in constructive thinking

Constructive thinking power, perfect assumption capacity and mental consciousness are necessary. Practice should be done by secular mind. Hypothesis is the root of person’s thinking.

Thinking comes out though real extension of hypothesis. There is no alternative of good patriot of citizen, who has constructive thinking power to make the life success and good.

Expansions of personality will the door of success

Expansion or growth is a lifelong process; Expansion is the process of development in the life time. Expansion of man is an undefended process. This expansion does not come suddenly in person’s life. Some time, mental expansion is influenced by physical expansion.

Further, mental expansions influence the societal growth. Environment and kinship expansion are static role on personal expansion. So environment is important. Person’s expansion is very much challenging. There is no alternative of it in making developed country and bringing the success.

Success initiative and effort

Individual does not come in the earth with intelligence rather, it require perfect competition in a perfect environment. That’s why, initiative, industry and efforts are necessary. Efforts are necessary to make perfect and real habit and character; otherwise, there is no any possibility of desire dream.

Exploration of merit requires perfect environment

The most important element is environment for the expansion of human life. Perfect environment is necessary for the expansion of human life as watch, air and hit are necessary for growing of needs. All possibility of all members of a meritorious family may be absorbed for the lack of perfect environment. Environment is engaged with human life broadly.

No one of us is free from the chain of environment. Environment is the active existence of our life. Environment controls us directly or indirectly. Psychologist (environment) says “Environment is responsible for person’s expansion”. With the development of environment, persons develop. That’s why, acquiring modern knowledge requires nice environment.

School students are necessary throughout the world

In any society, mentionable elements are human and its natural and artificial environment. Knowledge does not become fulfill by reading academic book. There is no ending point in learning. Knowledge has no limit, minuteness and narrowness. So in acquiring knowledge, all concentration has to be devoted. We have to learn from life and world.

Intellectual serial adaptation

Person can be adapted with the society as much as he or she is intellectual. Man is social being. To gather living in society instinctive tendency of human and family is the lowest one. Growth of human child starts through the family, who he or she grows. To reject the total influence of family is impossible because, a child comes to the earth as a member of a family.

So they are to live adapting with the happy and sorrow, hope and other problems of family. One time boundary of family gives to the way social boundary without adaptation with the society, good results may not come. That’s why; in this case there has also the necessity of skill.

Happiness for continuing work is life terms 

Physical, mental and sensational expansion in childhood is comparatively strong and restlessness remains more that naughtiness, habit to run are not seen in everyone same with the increase of age, responsibility and work increases. But who are idle, inactive, spends time in unproductive work, they can’t proper in life. Real happy in work, results life tremor. Valiant worker can forward the country.

Mental growth requires necessary experience

The importance of mental growth in personal life is very high. To understand the natural world properly, mental expansion is a must. Without experience, growth of thinking is not possible. Personal motivation helps the person to posses’ experience. Naturally mental growth happens as well as with the efforts. Knowledge task becomes strong by following and imitating. That’s why the price of experience is important. There is no alternative in growing mind.

Co- ordination of conscience should be done with emotion

Emotion is a strong part of human life. It affects our treatment style deeply. Human treatment is totally zero without emotion. Relation of eye with emotion is very deep. Emotion is an important mental process in life. To be able to avoid unexpected emotion leads to the national life. Decision becomes right when co- ordination between emotion and conscience is done.

Perfect person’s existence may be built

Who can’t express the perfect reaction of emotional action; he or she is not recognized as full human. Self – interest creates restriction in expensing sound society. Even person of the world has separate personal existence or personality and it gives the way of variation from person to person. We should make such people, who can challenge and keep the courage of change.

Creativity may come to the existence

 Creativity comes with the degree of personal creative power. Creativity is the process of changing, promoting and reforming the culture of human society by which traditional system is gone and new flow comes. Creativity is a root of present human civilization.

For the absence of creativity, human society losses its fluency. Nation’s hope may fulfill with the fulfillment of creativity. To expand the creative merits, they should be given independent working opportunity. Everyone should come forward for the expansion of creativity.

 Thinking as a promise for going forward

With the increase of age, intellectuality increase and thinking boundary becomes large. Real result of a person’s thinking and intellectuality through the work. Expansion of thinking is important in bringing flexibility in personal life. Tension free and self –freedom bring different bad effect in life.  So think tanked person are necessary to go forward.

Development approbation to build beautiful country

Every person lives in human society with his or her self existence. His or her inclination, demand and choice may be similar but not exactly same. For this reason, variations in choice and approbation in human society have come. Man prefers different section for his different demand, curiosity, indication, creativity etc. As living in society is an innate tendency of human and   success life comes for success social life, so to obey society, inclination in behavior should being. Beautiful country may be built with developed approbated people.

Promise for advancement requires developed feelings for value

Person’s feeling for value is expressed through the treatment style and work. Nonstop effort and education make the person’s feelings for value. Some time it determines the flow of inducement work. As we want beautiful world, sound living place and hope that world peace should remain with us, so we need to develop a sense for value to be advance in terms of greatness.

 Hope for peace may remain to get mental sanctity

In our society tendency for offence has been a social disease. Bad habit to scratch by attaching the floated watery acanthi is increasing. Many people try to be good, but it is a comparative matter. There are two sides in being good. One is seen and another is not seen. In society, what is in front of us that have something in inside or outside or even behind the emotion?

Unknown things remain within the known thing. There are many unknown things even in our own society. Which is known that is dangerous? In this dangerous situation, many expect for peach and happy. Mental sanctity comes as dream and expectation are nice. That’s why, matter of hope is important in doing something positive.

Welfare is in rational change in life

Life duration of human is not unlimited, in this short time, he or she is process different experience, and is to solve different – complex problems. For sustaining human is adopted with the environment. Every day we are to solve different problems in new environment. With the time and advancement, environment and human life style are changing. Condition of human life style is changeable. In this case, rational change can be large welfare.

Success in possessing policy to solve problems

Human learns different new working policy through solving different problems. Important element of learning is the feeling of want or the ratio of want. Effort for solving problems is activated by his or her merit, insight and creativity after understanding real situation through observation wholly.

Life has problem and has its way of solution.  A person who can solve the problem at fast he or she will be intellectual. Human does not stop after solution but he takes preparation for future problem as he is intellectual. So we need to posses the policy of problem solution.

Intellectuality is achieved for the expansion of possibility

Intellectuality is the policy for work. Through the work of a person, he or she is identified as intellectual or not. So intellectuality is a high priced resource. It is a power of learning, which is needed to solve problem. Intellectuality is such power of a person by which he or she can understand the world and environment and can express the right reaction to solve the problem. Power of learning , intellectuality is –

  1. Power of abstract thinking.
  2. Power of just reaction.
  3. Power of targeting the reaction and skill for invention.
  4. Learning of past and power of solving intellectual problem in present situation according to the necessity.
  5. Intellectuality is the born mental reaction which quickly solve problems by adopting developed thinking capacity with the changeable environment and by organizing properly all the mental reactions. In the world, which are intellectual as much as powerful and as develop this life statement policy.

Intellectuality is recognized as mental power. Environment influences the expansion of intelligence. Perfect education is necessary for increasing sharpness and policy in intelligence, which makes the person’s life happy and enjoyable. Only intellectual person can make them perfect in society. He or she can serve the society by doing duties and responsibilities properly and can contribute according to his or her power. As human being is the greatest being in terms of intelligence because man is logic prescribed being. So in this case, expansion of intellectuality should be focused.

Expansion of geniuses to remain as memorable

Some ones make happen and others discuss about the happened  matter. The events and the observer may not be the same person. Totally hero of the event is to struggle in the life a lot. Everyone’s merit is not same. Perfect exercise according to the status of merit can have the real welfare. Many can have different creativities.

In that case, to expand various intelligent various steps should be taken as human life is not immortal. Every being is mortal, who has life. Human life duration is very limited. One day we will be absent from this world. But sky, moon, sun, planet, river, sea are still existed and will remain in future.

But in the earth, flow of leaving of human will not be stopped as well as flow of child born will be continued. We should spend our god gifted merit, creativity and intelligence in the way of welfare as like greatest creature of the earth. Only result of good work makes the people memorable, acceptable and immortal in the earth. That’s why, we need to make strong decision and to continue industry and constant endears.

Human welfare has to be brought by expanning geniuses and to improve the country joint effort should be continued. We have to make the citizen conscious, patriot, skillful etc and have to give emphases on the growth of personality. Country will go to the development, if we can modify the entire person’s personality.


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