Responsibility of young generations in developing the country

Human life is a great diversified part. Here has different complexity and conflict related to welfare as well as un-welfare, problem and solution are also available here. This is not the word of today but the result of past analysis. Human life is ganulous to conflict from the first creation, And specially it’s priority is seen in youth society. Young people are the back bone of the nation as well as the country.

For this reason, it is very sad that an unexpected event will be occurred among them. Because life expectation is not only that to remain busy with conflict. The real duty of man is to make a happy and peaceful life by being face from all kinds of problems. Young generation can operate jointly there program by giving   emphasis as that work is not stooped in any way.

Joint effort of young generation can play a vital role in protecting rights of man as human kind and in bringing a peaceful life for everyone. It is possible to be succeeding strongly with highest effort in order to ensure the welfare for the human and the nation through adopting a overall accepted policy. Young generation have to come forward in developing the country by service provision and advancement. They have to work for human without any interest. Young generation can perform many activities in different sector with the promise of advancing country.  Such as:-

Building enlighten people

Enlighten people are necessary to make a enlighten society which will be endeavored to make a new society being free from misinterpretation and breaking. They will be static and initiation to prevent all social bad practice. Only the light of education can produce such a people oriented team.

Knowledge has such motivating power that can bring revolutionary change in a person. Knowledge raises the man and makes the mind great and devoted, that why we need to acquire knowledge by travelling in the book. So there is a necessity to have a personal and joint library. Only acquiring knowledge can be the target.

Young society can continue their effort to shape the enlighten society as social movement in order to achieve this goal through contemporary initiative. They can implement these different steps having united with the help of established person.

Among these initiatives, to established personal and family library, to collect book and distribution, to make personal and family library as a social movement, group study on specific book. To make club and to participate in social work through there, to give prize to the individual among the members by whom most enriched library will establish, to a arrange discus program in the name of book and library day ,to arrange rally to make consciousness etc.

To make balanced environment

Keeping the earth as a living place, balanced environment is necessary. But now the environment is verify of frustration. Environment is going to be destroyed gradually for non-considerable activities of the amount of carbon dioxide are increasing in air tremendously. Ultimately earth is becoming warm.

Even in near future our world will be the victim of green house effect. For this reason, we need consciousness and talking infinitive perfect the commitment. Young generation can take contemporary policy. They can a mange incentives and motivation for people to fuel environmental movement, by this, we will be protecting countries environment.

Under this purpose the activities may be managing seminar rally and symposium to develop environment and to increase consciousness, finding out they clue which pollutes the environment and talking preventive steps, tree plantation program, declaring, tree plantation week, and increasing environment consciousness, giving award to the best contributors in developing environment and planting tree, and distributing elements that will increase consciousness for the environment etc.

To make friendship for constructive work

Man is social being, they are to intact with other for social life. But intimate relationship not creates with everyone. They are friend, with whom this infinite relation is created. Equate treatment helps in making friendship among them. Man is influenced by the treatment of his friend.

That’s why it is said a faithful and moral friend is the most useful asset in the total life. And a scholar enemy is better than a illiterate friends.

For this reason, to select scholar and moral friend is necessary. And to get a friend needs to be a friend. Joint efforts of young generation are indispensable to establish relationship with all. In this case requisite activities are-

  • Making friends club, By this club to be introduce with each other and establish a static relation.
  • Reciprocally, exchange opinion.
  • To select social problems and solve that.
  • To reach suggestion and opinion to the top in order to solve the problems.
  • To come forward in solving problems of everyone.
  • To give friendship award to the best contributors in this case.
  • To participate in social activities and take steps in increasing personal skill.

Cultural practice for expensing sound mind

Culture is the heart of a nation. It is introduces of an integrated aspect of a nation. Cultural identify is the main identify of an integrated aspect of a nation. Cultural identity is the main identity of a nation. Elements of culture create a new life in a nation, and make there united. Only cultural elements play a role in discovering the heat and intellectual power of a person.

In modern age, it has become a challenge to protect our culture from the attack of bad culture. Young generation has floated themselves under the foreign culture that creates apprehension to us. Practice of native culture is necessary to prevent young society from this cultural aggression.  By this dual mind will introduce and it is own main mystical formula. Young generation have to final tried in protecting that it’s requisite actions are-

  • Arranging cultural competition.
  • Training in making cultural worker.
  • Movement in preventing bad culture.
  • Publishing paper in discovering culture.
  • Establishing cultural training centre.
  • Uniting the rings and giving training.
  • Establishing art club.
  • Poem assembly and reciting club.
  • Giving award to the successful cultural workers.
  • Arranging cultural program.
  • Arranging program for self composed poem
  • Poet assembly and giving award.
  • Manage literature for publishing.
  • Training for new poet and writer.

 Help to the future backbone

Who are the student today they are the pillar of next day. They will take the leadership over the time. So, future growth and development is dependent on proper nurturing of them. Country will get from them such amount that they can provide by this ability. Who are the future leader they should have a joint effort for integrated help. Required activities are-

  • To give stipend to the meritorious and poor student in all district.
  • To distribute academic book and instrument cost freely.
  • To give reception to the successful student.
  • A management for career guideline workshop.
  • Providing leadership in solving student problems.
  • Focusing concentration of authority and helping according to the ability to develop infrastructure of the institution.
  • To provide necessary suggestion and information for higher education in abroad.
  • Miscellaneous activities.

 Increasing consciousness

In real life, we face different problems for our own unconsciousness. In information and technological age, there is an enormous lacking and transferring information through it is very easy. In city, high density of population and unplanned urbanization has become a threat. In this crisis moment, young generation can establish a sound and happy society by increasing consciousness among the people. Required activities are-

  • Making consciousness against dowry.
  • Making consciousness in reducing gender discrimination.
  • Making people conscious for AIDS and any other complex disease.
  • Building consciousness for the development education & environment.
  • Consciousness against addiction.
  • That’s why poster, handbill and other instrument should be published.
  • Arranging seminar, symposium, discussion, road convention & rally.
  • Person, organization and media, who will contribute the most, will be awarded. etc.

Effort for turning human into resources

Human power is the largest resources of a country. But, the opposite name of polluted water is death, in the same way, unskilled man power is the burden of a country. No country can progress in the life, rather than will go beyond. That’s why for overall development, people must be skilled. In this connection, young society can play a vital role. Required activities are-

  • Establishing career advice center.
  • A managing career guideline workshop and job oriented training.
  • Managing job by communicating with other organization and making consciousness.
  • Helping the collage industry.
  • Giving award to the person and institution who contribute the most.

Program for ensuring health service

Getting health service is the basic right of everyone. A country never can come to the progression with its weak and unable manpower. Unable persons can create different social problems. That’s why we should come forward with the government in order to ensure sound public health. For this, young generation have to continue its efforts. Required activities are-

  • Establishing club to create consciousness among the people.
  • Arranging seminar, symposium, writing and publishing program.
  • Program for testing blood group. Giving blood and measuring weight and height.
  • Making people conscious about female education, nurturing culture and health of pregnant women.
  • Free treatment service and distributing free medicine.
  • Helping public and private organization related to the health activities.
  • Establishing permanent and temporary medical camp in different place according the necessary.
  • Giving award to the best contribution and best performer among club member.

Creating job opportunity for the reduction of unemployment

Instead of having huge man power country remains lack behind for unemployment. Day by day unemployment is increasing. They are doing different immoral work for the cause of   unemployment. As a result young generation are going the destruction especially murder, rape, hijack etc. Joint efforts are needed for preventing young people from their arrangement of workplace is also necessary. Need to be self reliance and creative to remove the   unemployment. Young generations have to take initiative and achieve step to remove unemployment and to develop the country. Required activities are-

  • To open the career advice center.
  • Arranging vocational education for employable person.
  • Increasing consciousness to create self work opportunity.
  • Collecting biodata of skilled person.
  • Managing job for them by communicating with private company.
  • Focusing government concentration for necessary job facilities.

Effort to establish a society free from illiteracy

In 20th century, there is no necessity to make understand that there is no difference between a illiterate people and a blind. Illiterate people become the victim of harassment dishonors in the whole life. They don’t get any right way by rounding the hand and live in a dark.

So it is needed to take a oath to scatter the fight of education. It is not difficult to give solution if there has any problem in expanding public education.   For this it is required to increase consciousness. In this case, young generation have to try hard and soul. Required activities are-

  • Making slogan and publish like “Read write , make life”
  • Giving honor to motivate turning from illiterate to literate.
  • A managing convention by student , teacher and other illiterate people
  • Arranging convention by student, teacher and other literate people.
  • Arranging literacy movement.
  • Opening night school for adult person.
  • Schools base on slum.
  • Declaring region as illiteracy free.
  • Arranging seminar, symposium for education and literacy at international literacy day and any other time.
  • Providing award for best the contribution for this program.

Talking initiative to protect children’s rights

Children will be the backbone of the nation. Today’s children will be the parliament member, administrators, teachers, doctors, engineer & social worker in future.

So development and progress of the nation depend on the proper nurturing of there. We need to be conscious in looking after the children. Every child is equal and there is no scope to make a difference among them.

Young generation have take action as they don’t engage in labor during the student life. Here both public and private helps are necessary. It is possible to advance the country though taking initiative in protecting rights and developing them. Here young generation may do that are-

  • Taking steps to make children free from labor.
  • Differential activities should be done to ensure education for children.
  • Increasing consciousness of guardian to treat with them and according to their mentality.
  • Taking different program at international children day.
  • Establishing school for slum dwellers children and distributing academic instrument.
  • Awarding the best contribution in this sector. Etc.

 Taking initiative for the development of information technology and research

In modern age, there is no necessity to focus the importance of information and technology and research. Now who are advance in technology, they are advance practically. Development is dependent or developed information and technology. It is needed to take achieve step to develop the technology; if we want to compete with the contemporary world. Here role of young generation is important.

  • Establishing IT research center.
  • Arranging program for computer training.
  • Establishing computer club and arranging competition program.
  • Establishing research institution and going opportunity for the new researcher.
  • Awarding the research for contributing in different sector

Tour for learning

Traditional academic education limits the learning world of man. There are many things to learn from the nature. Knowledge of nature helps the human to be knowledgeable and great. That’s why to have to go to nature is necessary. For this reason, native and foreign tour may be arranged with the history of beauty and lover of nature. In this case, it may be done establish a tourist club and publish tourist guide and give award to the best adventures.

National integrity through game

Playing gives entertainment to the man and fight’s the brotherhood. It is role is not negligible in establishing peach in society and country. That’s why, in ancient age. Olympic Games played a vital role in stopping war. Young generation contribute in playing in the own manner. Required activities are-

  • Establishing club and a managing competition programs.
  • Arranging different kind of games.
  • Selecting best player through competition.
  • Giving training about Cricket, Football, Ha dodo, Daba, Golf, swimming etc.
  • Establishing and increasing consciousness about daily physical exercise.
  • Giving award best player, team and coach.

Expansion of creative power

Writing has such illusive power that can create life. Good writer can give the way of light to the man, and also can remove the darkness and all superstition. Giving training to the new writer besides, giving award and honor to the poet, litterateur and essayist may be the task.

  • To manage to publish the writing.
  • To meet to the established writer.
  • Arranging different program to increase patriot and development thinking.
  • Giving award and honor to the best writer etc.

Exchange of logic for human welfare

Human express his or his notion, thinking and feeling through speech. To ensure reciprocal understanding, exchange of opinion is necessary. In a word, presentation of exact word is an art, by which people can take others opinions on behalf of his or her opinion.

  • Arranging training program to develop the asking style of an individual speaker.
  • Arranging competition program.
  • Establishing many branch under the central forum.
  • Giving award and honor to the person or organization, which has performed special contribution.

Making responsible writer for the growth of nation

News paper now is the powerful media. News paper can play an important role in increasing consciousness and making public opinion. To this connection, responsible writing is necessary. By which national development and progress will be smooth.

  • Arranging seminar and convention in searching the way for nation’s development and reciprocal exchange of view.
  • Making forum with the people who are related to the news paper.
  • Developing a good relation with the journalists and columnists.
  • Training course on journalism.
  • Arranging seminar and symposium for responsible journalism and writing Coolum.
  • Playing achieve role in protecting in depend for news paper.
  • Establishing news agency.
  • Awarding news paper, magazine and writer.

Creating literature based on logic

Publishing can play a role in making the motion of nation, creating public consciousness and in giving direction. Publishing books of different literature and new writer by establishing a strong publishing organization and distributing many instruments may be done. Besides, news paper based on time, Magazine, poster, leaflet, commemorative book, sticker, view card etc may be published for public consciousness.


Thousand of river, green scarf covers prove that Bangladesh is a attractive country. Kol kol sound of river, cereals dancing in the field are the static features of this country. The country has glorious time in history, industry- culture. So, young society has to come forward in bringing development and richest condition.

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