Religion plays dominant role in social life: Anisur Rahman Ershad

Anisur Rahman Ershad is a writer, journalist and social activist. He is verily aware of his duties; he does not work for a minute without the hope of retribution. He considers his time more valuable than money or anything else. With respect to succeeding in life, he considers the strategy for success taken by the most successful persons even unimportant for him.

It is important for him what is said or what is written rather than who says or who writes. That’s why he buy books seeing what is written rather than who has written. He is disregarding someone’s position and status, but he evaluates him with respect to his word and work. He read much more since he consider that he know much less. He cannot relieve breath of sigh unless he translates his thoughts into written document.

The young  writer and entrepreneur was interviewed by Israt Jahan Sumi, the assistant editor of Some important parts of the interview given by Anisur Rahman Ershad have been published for the readers of Could you please tell us the key to success from your life experiences.

Anisur Rahman Ershad: I think that, key to success is working from the Heart. When we want to work with a team, we have to think positive, we have to talk positive, we have to do positive and we have to be positive. We must have a dream, we must have an effective plan and we must have an active team. After than focus our goal, concentrate our attention, focus our working procedure and focus our action strategy.

There is no doubt that, winner always creates something new. We cannot expect to get big anything by short cut way. When our service or product will be better than others, we must ensure better life. Without quality service or product, we cannot make a quality life. We have to help other make love, we have to help other make honor. We must avoid only personal interest. We don’t forget that, our success is the way we think.

We lead people to ensure human welfare. So our success is not maximizing profit. Our tendency will be creating our world. We think that, we are the captain of our own life; an idea can change our life. So work for other is the source of everyday enjoyable feelings. If we want to believe that, we can reach our dream or goal, please persist until we do.

If we have health, wealth and honesty; happiness must be come. But only personal happiness cannot target of a human. We can try to help for mankind. We must keep secure our family by restoring health and wealth and make happy organization for happy life. We are a representative of our creator, so we have to make life meaningful through our activities for social development and human progress.

As an organizer, leader or entrepreneur we call to others, we invite to others, we call well come to our dream world. As a social worker we have to remember it, Money is not above all. Our mission, vision should must specific. We learn from nature, enjoy a happy life to see others smile. Every day enjoy our economic interest free work.

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. So we have to create our power doing our activities. We must believe in ourself, for whatever we can perceive and believe we can achieve easily.

A good leader finds answer to every problem. He has to knowledge about the power of his dream. Dreams do not only refer to wish, but they must. You have to establish a dream and build a dreamy team. If we believe that we can do it, and we can surely achieve it. Always remember that, discussion is more important than criticism. Who has negative attitude and negative mentality; he will not perfect person to lead any social organization.

We have to encourage others to be great, it is easy to say but difficult to do. When you are a leader- you have to listen more and you have to resolve all problems. Service to Society is always important. But we have to feel from the core of our heart that, Unity is power. When we imagine ourself as a global citizen; we have to belong “One World, One Family, One dream.’’

We have to work from the Heart. If we don’t love the work we’re doing, we will get sick-physically, mentally or spiritually. Eventually, we will make others sick too. All good work is worthy of our dedication. And the most worthy is what changes lives profoundly- in mind, body and spirit. If we are ambitious, doing our job well is the only way to raise with our dignity and integrity intact-owing no one.

Often, the evidence of success is slow in coming or impossible to see. Therefore, much good work must be done by faith and by faith alone. If we are successful, we will be envied and we will make enemies. But go on, because the alternative is death. So we have to avoid people who envy, complain and drain. Who has inspired you the most in life?

Anisur Rahman Ershad: When I was a teenager, I was most inspired by my father’s actions. So Abdus Samad, It’s not only a name; it’s an emotion, a great feeling for me, a source of many Inspirations. My father! My true teacher! My best friend! My favorite person! My leader! My guide! My superhero! I am very proud of my father.

Actually- He is a pillar of my family! Umbrella of my family! Foundation of my family! Oxygen of my family! Protector of my family! He is one of the most valuable assets in my world and important persons in my lives. Without him, I can’t imagine how my life would be. I love my father so much always and forever, it’s a love without end.

Still Now, I can proudly say that, Abba is my one of the best source of inspirations, a blessing for me, and a real hero for me. When I was a kid, I always loved to hear stories from Abba. I really miss those days in the Hanarchala, when even a story time was so exciting.

When Abba was a short-term migrant worker in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Singapore; he wrote to me many letters from the core of his heart. Abba used to address me by writing ‘Baba Ershad’ at the beginning of the letter. When I was a child, letters from my father was his way of letting me know that- he loved me and missed me. When I received Abbu’s letter from Kamalia Chala Post Office, in that time I felt happy and special always.

Abba is a loving person, a dutiful person and a very hardworking person. He is my sole motivation of working hard. Abba is relentlessly working for our comfort. He is responsible and affectionate. He respects my grandmothers and loves my mother, my younger brother, my younger sister, my uncles, my aunties, and each member of our relative’s family. The constant love and support I receive from him. He is the most beloved person in my family.

Abba takes care of every small need of ours and maintains cordial relations with our relatives, friends and neighbors. He is kind enough and generous. He always loves me, encourages me, supports me, and enlightens me. Whenever I feel depressed or sad, he is the one who motivates me with his words. He helps me to solve problems by taking more risks in my lives. So he has a special place in my heart.

Abba is a shopkeeper but he never insists any of his children pursue the same job. Abba encourages us to follow our dreams. Abba always supports us and mentors us on how we can discover our own passion and fields of interest in life. Alhamdulillah. We are two brothers and one sister; all are completed Master’s degree.

Abba is a very simple man, a very gentle person, a very honest person, most beloved person in us and lives a life with simplicity. His love for us and other family members is selfless and unconditional. Abba is always ready to help others whenever they face any problem. So I always try my best to follow what my father tells me to do.

Abba teaches us good etiquette, humanity, ethics of life and moral values directly or indirectly to be humble and to help those in need. I have never seen my father misbehave with his relatives in my entire life; which inspires me want to be like him even more and simple in lifestyle like him one day. Please pray for my father, dua for him. May Almighty Allah bless him long life and good health. Rabbir hamhuma kama Rabbayani Sagheera. We would like to know about your favorite teacher.

Anisur Rahman Ershad: `Mawlavi kaka’ Md Shamsuzzaman is one of the favorites teacher of me. He is an unsung real hero of my life. In my boyhood- I loved him, respected him and liked him best and I still same like that. He was a tutor, a friend, a philosopher, a guardian and a guide to his students.

He was very polite, kind, humble and all the students of our class loved him. In that time, he was one of the best teachers in our educational institution in our village Hatibandha. I was lucky that Mawlavi kaka was one of the teachers of me (1994 to 1999). He had a strong, clear and pleasant voice.

He played an essential role in my primary life by really attractive personality as an ideal teacher. His way of teaching and humble behavior was excellent. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He always gave equal attention to all the students but gave extra attention to the weak students.

He loved reading books, writing poems and stories; always encouraged me to spare some time to read book, write poem-essay and practice speech. He was not just a great teacher, but also a good organizer, social worker, well-wisher, problem solver and a great man with broad minded thinking and good heart. I will always remember what he has taught me; follow his principles in my life Insha-Allah and still following. You have written a book on leadership. We would like to know about the religious leadership of your village.

Anisur Rahman Ershad: I have been living in Dhaka since 2000. So I will talk about the religious leadership of the village before 2000. Actually, the role of religion in uniting and guiding humankind is one that cannot be ignored. Religion plays dominant role in culture, economics, politics, and social life.

In my boyhood, I saw that- Islamic religious leader Hafez Mawlana Anisur Rahman Al Madani was one of the most respected figures in my village Daranipara, Mirzapur, Tangail. He had the power to raise awareness and influence attitudes, behaviors and practices, especially at the family and community level. He could shape social values in line with faith-based teachings.

He clearly played important rule to provide guidance to musulli of the Daranipara Jame Masjid by leading, inspiring, guiding and directing to village people. His role was vital than another imam, khatib, munsi, moulovi and hujur. He encouraged people to make a commitment to their faith and live according to teachings of Islam. He explained the meaning of Islam, Quran, Hadish and other religious writings; motivated and educated them.

He had a deep personal commitment on religious calling, an awareness of the needs of the community and an understanding of the good behavior and social responsibilities. He enjoyed work with young people. He was able to influence positive behavior not only on the individual level but also on a socio-cultural level.

He played a powerful role in shaping attitudes, opinions and behaviors of village people; those listened from him and trusted him. He was different from traditional ulama or just graduates of Madrasas. He was a practical muslim and his family was practicing muslim family, but He acquired a deeper and sympathetic understanding of other faiths. I pray to almighty Allah for his Hayat-e-Tayyaba.

I especially want to talk about another scholar late Mannan bhai. His full name was Mawlana Abu Rayhan Kazi Abdul Mannan Ansary. He has died at the age of 76. He was a former Imam and Khatib of Daranipara Jame Masjid situated in Mrzapur, Tangail. He was a former teacher of Bhat Gram High School, Mirikpur High School and Patharghata High School. He was a Marriage Register (Kazi). Really He was always a hardworking person, honest and involved in various human & social activities.

He was born in 1943 in Daranipara Gajeshwari, a village of Mirzapur of Tangail District. He passed his Dhakhil from Kanchan Pur Elahia Senior Madrasah, Alim-Fazil-Kamil from Madrasah-E-Alia Dhaka. He passed his Matriculation, Intermediate & B.A to enlighten himself from the field of general education. He was full of energy as always.

He was a preacher of Islam. He used to explain the messages of Almighty Allah to the people throughout the country. He will live forever by his beneficial lectures. He will be missed but will never be forgotten. We will miss Mannan via (Mawlobi vi) beyond measure, both for his contributions and for his love and kindness. May Allah grant him highest rank in the Jannat. We pray to almighty Allah to grant eternal peace to the departed soul. What is the reason behind involvement with various non-profit social organizations?

Anisur Rahman Ershad: Actually we want to build societies where all people can live, learn, work together. Many people think social movement as – charity/philanthropy, social work, humanitarian job, poverty alleviation etc. these are wrong conceptions. Social movement may contain all the jobs, but not limited to these. It is much wider from concept to activity. I think we all have come almost closer to an agreement sufficient to commence the much expected ‘social movement’. We believe in hope. We believe in dreams.

Actually we want to work together to promote relation between each other, to produce new and useful knowledge and practices, to help poor students, to improve strengthen families, and enhance learning and development. Actually I have some limitation that I am not professional development worker. So my analysis process is somehow confined. But you know that, we have some good target, enough potential and opportunities we can work with.

We are not only for our family. We have to think broadly. Bangladesh is our birth land, home land, mother land, our dream, our hope and our love. This land, freedom of this country, sovereignty of this country, flag of this country and map of this country are not only for any specific party or special group. This country is for all people of this country.

We don’t want war, fighting, killing and discrimination. We think that, the sun is one, the moon is one, and the sky is one. We get light from the same sun, same moon and drink same water; so we are all for all. That means we have a similarity. Now we request to all political party please be united to save this nation. We are Bangladeshi citizen it’s our common identity. Come all in one umbrella and be united to help for the people, to ensure progress of the nation and develop in the country.

Actually we have a moral, ethical and social responsibility to save our children, poor people and our society. Village area is important to implement different development project. I am going to explain children lifestyle of low-income background in my rural area. In my childhood and boyhood, I was live in a rural area. In that time, many class friends could not continue their student life for the cycle of poverty’. Their Parents were not educated, so they could not acquire basic knowledge. Their poor families did not access to take education for their children.

They did not know what their children like and what they can do and to support their learning. Many classmates gave up their study for fulfill their family needs. They involved in work to earn money. In that period, many teachers had not enough idea about how to plan units and lessons, and evaluate students’ progress.

In my primary school life I saw many poor children did not attend class; could not admit in educational institution. Positive supports of parents to taking education were not available in this village poor family. Financial crisis impacted on their educational life negatively. I hope that, in future anyone become a leader to be inspiring those, who have ability to make a difference!

So everyone needs to do something for the society. If the condition of the society is good then the people living in the society will also have a good life. It is not enough just to think about ourself or our family. We have to seek welfare for all; we have to ensure the happiness of all.

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