Primary Education in Bangladesh: An analysis from my past experience

Anisur Rahman Ershad :In my boyhood, when I wanted to go to Dhaka from my village for better education, many teachers and guardians tried to made me understand that `it is surely a wrong decision for me.’

I had no idea about the differentiation between the English and Bangla medium. In that time, I thought urban institutions are better than rural institutions. So I had a dream to study in an educational institution in the capital city. I had no higher educated guardian who can guide me by his expert knowledge to select a better way except my dear uncle Md. Shamsuzzaman.

Abdus Sattar and Salma Akter…

Abdus Sattar and Salma Akter, both of my classmates at the primary level, were brilliant and meritorious students. They were not only good students but also singers. I loved them very much for their helping mentality. But unfortunately for me, they could not continue their study. Abdus Sattar lost his mother in childhood and father in boyhood.

After his father’s death, his family’s unbelievable economic crisis bound to involve him in money-earning to maintain his family’s needs. Salma Akter gave up she’s student life because of early marriage. Their painful reality motivated me to do something for poor students of low-income backgrounds family in the future.

food-cloth are important than education!

Joynal Abedin Jony was a good friend and classmate in my boyhood. His elder brother wanted to take his support to maintain his business. So Jony had no way to deny his brother’s decision. He was a talented, energetic, and hardworking boy. Still, now I miss him very much, but he is staying in Singapore for jobs.

I didn’t have any scope to share my feelings with him. I strongly believe that all children should receive an excellent education regardless of income or socioeconomic status. Education is a fundamental right. But I have many examples to prove that food-cloth are so much important than education in practical life.

Where are educational rights? We say education for all. But there is no doubt that poor children stay at more risk because of their vulnerability. Joynal, Sattar, and Salma had the right to learn, but their poverty was stronger than their right.

So we have to give more attention to ensure education for low-income backgrounds children because their opportunities are always limited. Parents of the high-income family are mostly educated, providing essential support to improve child mentality.

Education has been an important strategy for the ability to make contributions to one’s community and gain access to a better life. So extra caring for poor children in the educational sector is always appreciable. Because many poor families do not have access to take education for their children.

If some qualified teacher provides them extra motivation, inspiration, and quality teaching, poor students will benefit from their academic achievements. I hope that Creative service and timbale initiative can more inspire those who can make a difference!

Two-pass Kulsum became a wife

Children will be the backbone of the nation. But the guardian of Kulsum Akter arranged the marriage ceremony of Kulsum when she is a student of class two. Kulsum was my classmate, but now his son is studying at the honors level. Many classmates of Kulsum are unmarried till now.

Class two-pass Kulsum will not become the parliament member, administrator, teacher, doctor, engineer, or social worker in the future. But she already became a wife, a mother, and a housewife.

So, which factor is stronger than other logical factors? Theoretically, every child is equal on the earth, and there is no scope to make a difference among them. But practically, we have not available the opportunity to ensure that any children don’t engage in labor during student life.

Children from high and low-income backgrounds

I saw the lifestyle of children from high-income backgrounds. They have many scopes to learn by watching instructive TV programs, Educational Toys, Educational video games, Private tutor, coaching, listening from educated parents, and Education friendly environment. Children can make their understanding from their friend’s activities.

More guardian of the high-income family is aware of their children needs. Guardians do not criticize their children when they make a mistake. They know Children do best in an environment that is interesting and where they feel loved and safe. They know what their children like and what they can do and to support their learning.

But children lifestyle of low-income backgrounds is totally different. For example, in my childhood and boyhood, I lived in a rural area. When I felt bored or restless in my study, sometimes I was whipped by my guardian. They could not consider my feelings- choice-emotion. I studied against my will, but I could not concentrate on study.

At that time, for lack of qualified teachers in my institution, the institution could not ensure quality teaching. So I could not acquire enough knowledge to provide a strong basic level. It’s not only a rural educational institution scenario; it’s a common phenomenon of bangle medium government primary school and madrasah of the urban area in Bangladesh.

I hope not only rich but also poor students will become actively engaged in their education properly. The home environment of low-income families is not good for study. Positive supports of parents in taking education are not available in low-income families.

Poor and low-income family’s crisis impact their child’s education negatively. I don’t think, without practical experience, anybody has enough skill in the teaching field, but when anybody takes the decision to become a teacher, he would like to get interested in this profession.

It is not easy to start a new job as a primary school teacher in Bangladeshi society. There is no more respect and honor for teachers of primary school. I’ve always thought that teaching, and education in general, is one of the most important foundations of any society; primary education is the foundation of academic life.

I feel primary school teaching allows for a much greater variety of subject matter as you teach up to different key learning areas. Additionally, it’s very rewarding to see the great strides children make when they are just beginning their school careers.

Poverty fact

Many Poor children give up their studies to fulfill a family need. Children of poor families cannot continue their student life for poverty. They involve in work to earn money. If we want all poor children to take proper education, only classrooms will not give our working area. Many children do not attend class; they cannot admit to an educational institution.

So we have to think about them and their family. When we provide support for low-income or poor families, then they may accept our suggestion easily. Unfortunately, children from low-income homes tend to be in classrooms with lower instructional support ratings and less facilitates teacher instruction.

Success of a Teacher

A teacher leads the student to ensure human development and welfare. So the success of a teacher is not maximizing profit. His tendency will be to create his world free from illiteracy, ignorance, and Prejudice. Teachers are the captain of a student’s life; a teacher’s idea, step, and a dream can change any student’s life. So work to others is the source of every day enjoyable feelings. If any teacher wants to believe he can reach his destination, fulfil his dream or achieve his goal, he has persisted until he does.

If any teacher has health, wealth, and honesty, happiness must become in his life. But only personal satisfaction cannot target a good teacher. He can try to help mankind. Any teacher keeps secured his family by restoring health and wealth and makes a happy organization for a happy life. Everybody is an important part of this world; human beings are representative of our creator on the earth, So We have to make life meaningful through our activities for social development and human progress.

Education for all

I believe that all earth children are a valuable gift from God for making a peaceful world. Enlighten people must make an enlightened society that will endeavor to create a new culture being free from misinterpretation and breaking. They will be static and initiation to prevent all bad social practices.

Only the light of education can produce such a people-oriented team. Knowledge has such motivating power that it can bring a revolutionary change in a person. Knowledge raises the man and makes the mind great and devoted, that why we need to concentrate on knowledge distribution and create a global awareness on ‘Education for all”.

Everybody agrees with that, who is the student today they are the pillar of the next day. They will take the lead over time. So, future growth and development are dependent on their proper nurturing. The country will get from them such amount that they can provide by this ability.

Who is the future leader? They should have a joint effort for integrated help. Please let us try to eliminate all discrimination from primary education. From low-income families or high-income families, all children are just like a rose flower. Our responsibility is to build up a 100% educated society for a better future.

Trying to help for the future backbone is really a great task. Only provide good teachers is not enough to eliminate discrimination in the education sector. We have to give a stipend to the meritorious and poor students. We have to distribute academic books and instrument costs freely. We have to provide reception to a successful student.

We have to arrange a Career guideline workshop. We have to provide leadership development training in solving problems. We have to focus on the concentration of authority and help according to the ability to develop the institution’s infrastructure. We have to provide necessary suggestions and information for students, teachers, and guardians.

Knowledge based movement

Educational Institution and Classroom base work are not enough for to knowledge base movement. We have to use the social club, youth organization, and different institutions to remove illiteracy and increase awareness. As- Religious institutions are the most sustainable organizations in a society like Bangladesh.

About 300,000 mosques, 50,000 madrasah/orphanages, and about 2 million honest, reliable and trustworthy people are involved in these institutions. These people can serve in knowledge base work directly or indirectly. We cannot forget the student’s life outside of the class. Much of the reading the students will do outside of my classroom and grow up will be digital.

I think that future enrichment must become by today’s development—financial assistance and support for knowledge and intelligence, which claimed to direct Advocacy, Counseling. Personal library, mosque base library, club base library, educational institutions base library inspired increased knowledge movement.

The individual does not come to the earth with intelligence; rather, it requires perfect competition in an ideal environment. So I believe in possibility. Establishing a good society is impossible without sound-minded people. I would like to share something from my past life to understand the reality of primary-level students’ life.

When I was a student at HSC, as a private tutor, I had many students. One of them was Raihan, a student of class three. Raihan liked the play but could not study. I did use stories book to encourage him. Taosif, age 5, I tried to provide songs and music, poem, and story for his learning and motivation.

I think Taosif is an individual and different from all others. Because he enjoys painting, play games in playgrounds, and lots of time and space to run. He learns best when he has interesting things to do and interested people to help him. He needs words for thinking and learning. So I talk with him and listen to him as he talks to mine.

Elimination of educational inequity

How can you eliminate educational inequity in Bangladesh? We can make an Online Education Website. This site aims to study online education; we will try to run build the nation by different categories like online study and practice opportunities for students. The people depend on a hard copy to a soft copy gradually that’s means it depends on the internet. Therefore, all educational information and preparation of examination with online and practice websites inevitably demand time. This site serves as a repository for all forms of education and the job sector. This site contains information related to various types of competitive examinations and the preparation of the entire document. We can use social media to expand quality content.

We can make School base Library. We will prioritize establishing many libraries according to service for building enlighten society for the help to the better tomorrow. Books collect and distribute to a poor student will be a better step. The library is a storehouse of knowledge. The library has a great contribution to making well-educated and self-taught people. There is also various initiatives program to increase interest and forward library. The library has books and will be familiar with a lot of new people; Which environment can inspire knowledge.

We need some dedicated teachers and entrepreneurs to do something in the education sector. A teacher has to encourage students to be great. It is easy to say but difficult to do. When anybody is an efficient teacher- he has to listen more, and he has to resolve all problems. Service to society and service to humanity are always important. But a teacher has to feel from the core of his heart that all prophets were a teacher. Mohammad (Sm) is the greatest teacher in the world. So the teaching profession is a noble profession. When anybody wants to be a good teacher, he has to work from the heart. If he doesn’t love the work he’s doing, he will get sick-physically, mentally, or spiritually. Eventually, he will make others sick, too.


Many school friends could not continue their student life for the cycle of poverty. Their Parents were uneducated, so they could not acquire basic knowledge. Their low-income families did not access to take education for their children. They did not know what their children like and what they can do and to support their learning. Many classmates gave up their studies to fulfill their family needs. They were involved in work to earn money.

Many teachers had not enough idea about planning units and lessons and evaluating students’ progress in that period. In my elementary school life, I saw many poor children who did not attend class; could not admit to educational institutions. Positive supports of parents to taking education was not available in this poor village family. Financial crisis impacted their academic life negatively. I hope that anyone will become a leader to be inspiring those who can make a difference in the future!

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