Breaking Education

Emran Hossain : Jamal gets up early in the morning and awakens all the members of his family. He tip-toes around while brushing his teeth, with the help of coal and his index finger. He seems very enthusiastic about his eldest son, Ratan, the most meritorious and possibly the most talented boy the village Amdanga has ever begotten.

All the villagers were bursting into admiring Jamal and his son when Ratan came from the district education office last year. He stood 2nd in the junior scholarship examination in the district. From that day, Jamal, who had got a quick temper, previously on a matter that deserved not anger, has sprang out of his long practised habit into a quick jerk of new life, where he never acts intemperately for he understood that his son would be the one from the village to hit the jackpot, and earn name and fame, both for him and for his family.

After having a plate of stale rice with salt and green pepper, he takes his bazaar-bag and goes to Amdanga morning bazaar. In the way, he has to answer ‘owalaikum aas-salam’ many times.

Ratan gets up and sits on his bed, arches his body parts for several times, and finally jumps off.   Today he would not be going to his private teacher’s house with English and math books. He wonders around and gets himself afresh after morning wash. His mother gives him a ripe banana and which he finishes in a minute. After Jamal returns from bazaar with a long golden-silvery yellow perch-like fish, Ratan goes to bathe. He comes back when his mother completes preparing their breakfast.

Ratan ate with his father while his mother contemptuously served them. He puts on his school-dress, takes blessings from his parents, and goes to school with an ocean of hope. All his classmates and friends in the school come around and talk to him while admiring him very much. After the Headmaster of Amdanga High School declares the Test-Examination result, he admires and dives into praising Ratan, who cuts the most glorious figure in the Test Examination and who would bring a sublime profile of most successful result in the undervalued history of the school.

Ratan has got an average of 86% marks securing distinctions in all but one subject. It was the math teacher, who advertently discarded his 94 marks and put 76 instead to arouse Ratan’s vigour so that he might work hard restlessly to ensure golden A+ in his SSC exam. After the declaration of the result, all of Ratan’s classmates come around and burst into a profound valley of bragging that Ratan was their friend or, that they are his friend. Ratan returns home and informs his parents of his result of Test Examination. They become highly pleased with.


Jamal becomes persuaded that his son would really become a history in the village when he finds his son’s teacher Habibur Rahman, the assistant headmaster of Amdanga   High School, publicly praising Ratan’s merit. Jamal returns home happily with the thought that his son, Ratan, is going to be in the history of…. He finds his son attentively studying on chair in front of a table half-full of books.

After the boy sees his father at a glance, he again attends to his book. Jamal thinks of ‘history’… and ‘his son, Ratan…’ and happily goes to his wife. But, there remains a lack between the relationship of the father and the son. The father is an affluent farmer who wants his son to be well-established and renowned all over, but not as a historic character in the village, in the sense of history as he knows.

What he knows  about history is that it deals with unexpected happenings and persons. On the other hand, the son is the centre of the family and the village. He loved to be so and hence he swots on books. He finally appears at his SSC examination and starts HSC books. When the publication of the result comes into the District Education Office, the Headmaster  fetches it and Ratan gets golden A+.

A sky of admiration goes through the village and even throughout the surrounding villages. All the people of the village pray for Ratan when they meet him. He enjoys the flattery of the people and returns them a deep smile. No sign comes to mean tentative success. It seems as if Ratan had got his final success and it is high time he enjoyed while smiling at his well-wishers. However, very few could read Ratan’s face, which ultimately will stand for none could imagine; neither he his, and himself.

Ratan’s teachers tell his father that there remains no barricade en route for Ratan’s future success since he has already founded the base most strictly. They advise Jamal to send his son to the famous college in the district in order that he would meet another great success in HSC examination before he enters university, the topmost centre for education in the country. Jamal could not think of his son away and be apart from him for he is only 17 when teenagers are mostly dangerous. None knows what happens with him in the college.

The most stern mood and strictest piece of stone can not be shattered into pieces, but it erodes when water moves on them. However, Ratan gets admission into the college mentioned and after two years comes to the village with the same profound valley of happiness and smiling face brightened with another golden A+. Now time comes for him to get involved into the tremendous struggle for getting admission into university.

Also for this time, Ratan positions himself among the bests gets admission into Pharmacy Department. Though most stern mood and strictest pieces of stone cannot be shattered into pieces, they erode when water moves on them. A real time for Ratan comes. He meets his goal, where the history of his life would be written.


The higher the kite is, the slacker it becomes and much more independence it holds. But, storm targets the taller trees because the taller a tree is the easier to uproot. Again, the taller a tree is, the more branches are. Ratan has been in Amdanga. He has only one rising branch, books. However, now he has risen enough with his only uprising branch. The more opportunity he gets, the more branches he will contribute to.

He stays in university dormitory where his branches get pass-ways. The very first day he enters there, he meets Akash, the political general secretary of the university where other than political hold there is no valley of blessings, respect and admiration- admiration … to be true, flattery. Ratan was very meritorious but was enclosed in the world of books having no scope of spreading outwards. Coming here, he loosens all the shutters and before soon becomes a star in university.

Alternatively, he is loosened from his familial ties and cares none. A radical change engulfs him and under cover of submersion, he gets freedom of choice, choice to get pleasure. In the village, whatever happened, relied on his creator and loved to be among the elders in the mosque. The imam of the mosque praised him. However, in university everything relies on himself.

He seems as if he were a king surrounding many queens surrounding many subjects. Second year comes. He starts smoking before he is declared hall president. Old queens are there. He searches for new queens. Whenever a new rose blooms, he wants to have, and after a few days he haves what he wants to have. The more he haves, the more he gets power; power to intensify power.

He writes a letter to his parents for twice the amount they used to send usually. Extra to keep fit for better result for success in the university where he has to keep himself awake the whole night. His parents answer his letter and start sending double amount. They assume that their son Ratan studies the whole night. They advise him not to keep awake whole night and not to miss Morning Prayer.

The letter comes, but who cares it? Ratan? A boy who cares nothing. He has cared everything in the village. For him the village people were actually real well-wishers and real guardians, who made him, come to mosque, pray his prayers, and learn how to behave rationally. They told him everything good they thought. He also listened to them and obeyed them respectfully. Nevertheless, he did not learn from them; he just listened.

On the other hand, they did not teach him the rules observed in Amdanga. Environmental change places Ratan in an area where newer customs are valued. He becomes master of them. He does not repent for that. Rather he is happy that he did not learn Amdanga values and customs, neither was he taught. One’s ear is not as powerful as one’s head that learns when taught. On the other hand, he learned from books, not from Amdanga.

He goes on with practices that give him power and pleasure but happiness in the university. In his 3 rd year, one of his queens suicides for he stops caring her. He still cares none. All now cares him for he is now the Organizational Secretary of the party in university. In his 4th year, he becomes the Secretary (vice-president). He has control on all but one post….President.

To hold the ultimate power in university, he has to have much more money, more power and so many followers. He adventures at some of the surrounding fundy places, where he demands monthly definite amount. The fund holders case files against him, but the in-charge Thana Officer, who shares the amount, does not take any action. Ratan has everything but the post now.

An MA student, who is no less powerful, holds the post. In the upcoming election, the same person is supposed to be the president again. Ratan ponders over the post, president, and post…and finds no way out to solution. The post persuades him to play a trick. “Yes, trick”, Ratan finds solution. He plots to murder the president under cover of darkness and spread the matter as an accident from the building roof. “Yes, trick” Ratan inhales and exhales deeply.

On the next Friday, Ratan goes to mosque, a long many days have passed he has not gone to mosque- about three and a half years. He goes there to pray to Allah so that he might become successful in accomplishing the plot. When in village, he went to mosque regularly to pray for the country and the people’s well being. Now, he goes to pray only for himself to be successful in the plot. He has been far away from his parents. He rather kept himself away.

The day of history is drawing near. Ratan waited and waited for every second to catch every chance. In the afternoon, Ratan and the President went to the uppermost layer of the hall. They start talking about every niggling details of the party- the party that has the miraculous power to turn a mango, which is half-sweet, half-sour, light, sparkling and mouth-watering, semi perfectly juicy and semi perfectly unhusky, fleshy, and  hanging in irresistibly, and relentlessly and uncontrollably persuasive way in an attractive and seductive fascination to have, and taste within a million-fraction of a second, into a detestable Datura flower.

Their movement appeared before the sight of the lens of a video-camera screen held and mechanically placed in an open window. In the screen, she, a slim and tall woman of 28, watched and enjoyed the two young university students. After a few minutes, they both came to the south corner from which side gentle breeze was blowing. She was enjoying with interest- interest in them, the young figures.

Suddenly, Ratan jerked off vigorously, and the president started swimming downwards in the breeze and when reached the shore, he discovered himself in the world of the people passed away. An awkward crowd of people, mostly including students and reporters, gathered. Ratan ran quickly down and reaching there, uttered, “O! My dear brother, Akash, dear president, why did you went to the roof –corner, and leave us all behind?” He went on lamenting and inwardly thinking that he is now successful. The next morning, three armed police cars arrived.

The Policemen got down and came to Ratan’s room, the door of which was open with none in, before they all surrounded the hall. Some police men among whom was the fashionable young lady, accompanied by some house teachers, provost of the hall and proctor of of the university, searched all the rooms and corridors. None could not relate the matter to Ratan and wondered why the fashionable young woman, dressed in jins and T-shirt, was with the police men.

After about an hour, they all left. The next day, the national dailies of the country published especial supplement, with photos centred round the president’s motionless figure and Ratan lamenting on sitting by, about the unexpected event. Today Ratan is nowhere, but in one place- in the history. Untaught village morality and values are nowhere found. Uncovered camphor needs not time to disappear before turning into liquid. Jamal realized name and fame should not be intermingled with the growing of climbers that must be tied to a rigid, strong, and immovable vertical stick to impollute the upward linear growth of the climbers.

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