Al-Quran : The Greatest Literary Challenge

Md. Emran Hossain Murad : Allah (SWT), the most beneficent, the most merciful, the omnipotent, the omniscient, the only solemn monarch, the ultimate protector, the stupendent creator, has vowed that His qualifications are definitely unparalleled, unquestionable and undoubtable. Neither the literatures of the world from dawn to destruction day are sublimely and profoundly worthy, that is praiseworthy, a dictation and prediction already proved and likely to be proved from time to time, an obtusely understandable and attentively not unincomprehensible, nor the works, those writing they publish avowing and disrespectfully claiming their own to be respected as their unchallengeable products,  are highly acclaimable.

The reality lies only behind the only one undefeated creator, who, not the others splendidly, revealed the greatest the history from the creation of the first human being to the unquestionable destruction day, of the prophets, the selected people who warned the rootless, impotent and derailed human beings, of the wonder lying behind the appearance and creation of fundamental things known as mountains, and of the mistery of the planets visible and invisible. It is the greatest source of the world that supersedes and suppresses all the compositions, literary, of the mud made men. Allah (SWT) has insisted with certainly on the point that never it would be possible for the disbelievers who doubted the Holy Quran’s being heavenly revealed to compose only one single Sura (one stanzaic poem) by themselves in accompaniment with all other than Him.

“And if you doubt the book (Quran) I have revealed on my slave (Muhammad Sm.), compose one Sura like it gathering all your supporters – take help of whom ever you want other than Allah (SWT), if you are truthful, accomplish it. But if you don’t do it and you certainly can’t, be scared of the fire (inferno), the fuel of which shall be humans and stone, which is prepared for the disbelievers.” [Bakarah:23 – 24)

“Do they say that [it is Rasul (Sm)] who has composed it (Quran)? Tell, ‘if you are truthful to your allegation, compose one single Surah like it and call for your help whomever you can excluding Allah (SWT)’.” [Sura Yunus: 38]

Quran here not only challengers the diction and art of verbal use but also set it on the top that it is unique with respect to its themes and didactive ideas.

It has, firstly, been experimented that Al-Quran is the highest and complete set of sample. Neither the linguistic frame and the syntax, order of words and the harmony between and among the words, of any other book is perfect nor the coherence and cohesively of all other books are supremely acceptable. The only one untwisted and unbent book that inchides all the liguistic and figurative literary devices not excluding hyperable, metonymy, oxymoron, simple, metaphore, Zeugma, onomatepoeia, assonance, alliteration and so on is the Holy revelation, the Quran.

Passed have fourteen hundred years since its revelation during 6th and 7th centuries, neither the word order nor the structure and rhyme scheme has changed, nor some words have been termed as old fashioned, nor some have been replaced either being unaccemptable or being archaic. What is not pejorative is that all linguistic capacities have undoubtedly and with one opinion been accepted as standard. As we find it in some other literatures that some words i.e. thou, thou, thy, doth are unacceptable accorting to moder usage. Out of all these allegations the holy Qura is.

Secondly, No other book exemplifies and illustrates the philosophy, nature and character, civilization and culture, life and life – style of humankind but the Quran, no single and duplicate of its kind can be found. It is the only book, the holy and heavenly revelation, that caused the radical change of the greater part of the earth, and revelutionerized the people who believed it wheleheartedly.

Thirdly and finally, the Quran, being intensely and prefoundly supreme, internally and externally perfect, appropriate and heavenly revelation, and its linguistic usage, being accurately and unmistakenly exat and highly connotative and denotative, synchronically flowless and defaultness could have changed the associates and completely, have been able to re-construct, re-decorate and re-furniture the then Arabic states, their families, societies and norms and form of behaviour.

Thus, it has been the only one succesful literary book, all over the world, that could have captured the highest numbers of readers who no sooner had gone through it than they shaped their lives in the way the book has allowed and stooped doing and practising those activities the so called social man established values and dismantling the wrongs and oddities of the derailed man made social constructions such as ideas, believes, thoughts, ways of leading life on earth, behaviour and status in society, templatation and greed, modes and codes of manner, idea of autocracy and dictatorship and many more.

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